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Jan. 15 Deadline: Capitol Hill Day Appointments

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During our 30th Annual National Leadership Forum, we encourage you to tell members of your congressional delegation and/or their key staffers about your coalition and what it’s accomplishing during Día del Capitolio en Wednesday, February 5. This event provides Forum 2020 participants from across the country an opportunity to educate policymakers in Congress about the importance of substance use and misuse prevention

Watch the Capitol Hill Day video para detalles.

Capitol Hill Day Schedule of Events
8:30 –
10:45 am
Capitol Hill Day Plenary & Legislative Update
Attend the Plenary to receive a legislative update and hear from key members of Congress.
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Congressional Rally
Stand on the steps of Capitol Hill and have your message heard.
1 –
5 pm
Capitol Hill Day Appointments
Educate your Congressperson and two Senators about the importance of prevention.

Our Public Policy team needs to schedule all your meetings, as this minimizes the potential for duplication and overlap which is critical to maintaining good relationships on Capitol Hill. Please note, only one point person per group should schedule a Capitol Hill Day appointment with CADCA’s Public Policy team.

The deadline to schedule appointments is Monday, Jan. 20, 2020.

To prepare for your Capitol Hill Day meetings, attend the State and Territory Meetings during Forum 2020 on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 5 pm. This interactive networking event gathers fellow regional and state-level youth and adults to build stronger state policy alliances and to help prepare for CADCA’s Capitol Hill Day. Goals for the meetings are:

  • Plan for Capitol Hill Day
  • Provide an opportunity for Forum newcomers to connect with Forum veterans from their state for support and tips for getting the most out of the Forum
  • Showcase all that CADCA has to offer to strengthen lasting connections with other attendees

For questions, contact our Public Policy team at

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