5 мая 2016 г.

California Becomes Second State to Pass Tobacco 21 Law

California Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday signed into law a bill raising the legal purchase age for cigarettes and other tobacco products to 21 years from 18.

Hawaii became the first state to pass such a law last year. It followed cities including New York City; Boston; Kansas City, Mo.; and Evanston, Ill. Lawmakers in more than 10 other states are considering similar legislation including New York, Kentucky, Oregon and Illinois. The Massachusetts Senate passed a bill last month to raise its legal purchase age to 21. That bill still must be voted on by the state House of Representatives.

California was the first state to restrict smoking when, in 1997, health advocates passed a law prohibiting smoking in bars, casinos and nightclubs. The movement quickly spread to many of its outdoor spaces and then affected the nation.

California’s new law takes effect June 9.

Read CADCA’s letter asking Gov. Brown to sign the bill.


California Assembly Approves Raising Smoking Age to 21

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