CADCA Издатель Ноябрь 5, 2015

Да здравствует профилактика! CADCA празднует здоровый образ жизни на Международном конгрессе по борьбе с наркозависимостью в Мексике

CADCA is proud to be participating in the International Congress on Addictions in Mexico City, Mexico. CADCA is represented by me, its Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur Dean, Vice-President of our International Programs, Mr. Eric Siervo. 

Yesterday, I presented on “Successful Practices in Prevention.” The session had more than 200 attendees and they had great interest in CADCA’s prevention work and strategies.

It was part of the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD)’s 17th congress on drug and alcohol addiction. Mr. Siervo and I were also able to interact with event co-sponsors such as WFAD’s president Sven-OlovCarlsson and director Carmen Fernandez Caceres.

Today, I gave a presentation on “Youth and Addiction Prevention” and Mr. Siervo presented a lecture called “Community Networks.” These presentations have allowed CADCA the opportunity to showcase its Coalitions Training Model for adults and youth as well as its international coalition building work that has touched 22 countries worldwide. It is progress!

The reception has just been tremendous and shows the need for worldwide prevention strategies. There are attendees at the Congress from Central and South America as well as from all over the world. 

Several senior officials from the Mexican government gave presentations yesterday.

Clearly, all of our friends who are here with us this week are concerned about preventing drug use before it starts and they understand the need to treat and keep people in recovery.

I am so thrilled to have been able to participate and hope we can continue to raise awareness on our issues so more and more people can reside in safe, healthy and drug-free communities, the world-over.

Read more about CADCA’s work in Spanish-speaking and other countries here.

Gen. Dean is CADCA’s Chairman and CEO


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