CADCA Издатель Май 16, 2016

CADCA приветствует четырех стипендиатов Хамфри

CADCA is committed to developing and advancing the capacity of individuals, organizations and institutions globally in the pursuit of building safe, healthy and drug-free communities. For the last four years, CADCA’s international programs has hosted fellows from The Программа стипендий Хьюберта Х. Хамфри с целью завершения профессиональной деятельности в области профилактики наркомании. 

The Humphrey Fellowship provides a 10-month, non-degree, academic study program for professional enrichment in the United States for experienced professionals from designated countries.  

This year, we are pleased to announce and welcome four Humphrey Fellows from the 2015-2016 cohort at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) who have selected CADCA as part of their professional affiliation experience. CADCA is pleased to welcome:

Ms. Asia Ashraf from Islamabad, Pakistan

Mr. Mawouena K. Bohm from Togo

Mr. Rogers Mutaawe from Uganda

Mr. Usman Shamim from Pakistan

During their professional affiliation at CADCA, the Humphrey Fellows will have the opportunity to visit and meet with CADCA staff and leadership at our Washington, D.C.-area headquarters and several community coalition members. In addition, Fellows had a chance to meet with federal partners including at the Office of National Control Policy and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to learn all about the community coalition model and how it is structured here in the United States as part of a national prevention infrastructure through the Drug-Free Communities Support Program. 

The four professionals will be working closely with CADCA’s international programs staff to learn about experiences from other countries in which we build coalitions such as in Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Ghana, Tajikistan and others that are currently developing their own unique community coalition drug prevention infrastructure. These experiences will help Ashraf, Bohm, Mutaawe and Shamim develop a plan on how to go back to their home countries to start their own community coalitions.

Stay tuned to CADCA’s blog and social media for more from the Humphrey Fellows’ experience. We have invited them to blog about their visit. 

Eric Siervo, M.Ed., is CADCA’s Vice-President of International Programs

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