enero 22, 2015

Research Identifies Link Between Youth Hookah and Illicit Drugs

Coalitions need to stay current on the new emerging drug trends facing the substance abuse prevention field. A recent study in Pediatría investigates the increase of hookah use among high school seniors. The study offers information about the use of hookah and the associated risk factors on the individual and community level. Understanding youth hookah use and its relationship to other illicit substances is valuable for coalitions addressing adolescent drug use in their communities.

The December/January issue of Investigación en acción article breaks down the findings and provides tips on how coalitions can explore their youth hookah problem, including conducting a community assessment and identifying local conditions.

More on the study and how local anti-drug coalitions can use the data to inform their efforts appears in the December/January issue of Investigación en acción. Download this publication o view this issue and previous issues on CADCA’s website.

Investigación en Acción is a free publication, which reports on research findings that impact the work of coalitions. Published six times a year by CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, each issue examines what coalitions can do to implement knowledge they gain in their communities. Sign up for your free e-mail subscription on CADCA’s website.

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