junio 10, 2016

CollegeAIM Guide and Web site

Planning Alcohol Interventions Using NIAAA's College Aim

Underage and Harmful College Drinking

As many coalition leaders know firsthand, harmful and underage college drinking are significant and persistent problems – with consequences for students, schools and communities. Almost 40 percent of college students binge drink each month – and they are at risk for consequences including:

  • Academic problems
  • Injuries
  • Fights
  • Sexual assaults
  • Death

What is CollegeAIM and why is it needed?
The College Alcohol Intervention Matrix is a new resource from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) to help schools address harmful and underage student drinking.

Developed with leading college alcohol researchers and staff, it is an easy-to-use y comprehensive tool to identify effective alcohol interventions. While there are numerous options for addressing alcohol issues, they are not all equally effective.

CollegeAIM can help schools choose interventions wisely—helping them improve the health and safety of their students and surrounding community.

How is CollegeAIM different?

CollegeAIM is distinctive because of the breadth of its research and analysis, the expertise of its contributors, and its user-friendly format:

  • Extensive review of decades of scientific literature
  • Multi-year collaboration involving 16 leaders in college alcohol intervention research
  • Nearly 60 interventions rated for effectiveness, costs, and other criteria
  • Two user-friendly matrices and other resources

How can coalition leaders help?

Coalition leaders – you are in a critical position to improve the health and safety of college students in your communities – and NIAAA’s CollegeAIM can help.

By sharing CollegeAIM with your local colleges and universities, your coalition can help reduce the alcohol-related risks facing students in your communities.

Please consider bringing CollegeAIM to the attention of your local college and university presidents and staff.

How can schools use CollegeAIM?

With the help of CollegeAIM, school officials can:

  • Learn how their current strategies compare to other alternatives
  • Find new evidence-based options
  • Use the interactive strategy planning worksheet to help select a combination of approaches that meets the needs of their campus and their budget

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