enero 22, 2015

CADCA Seeking Coalitions to Participate in Upcoming Webinar Series About Using Data to Support Coalition Sustainability

CADCA’s National Coalition Institute is thrilled to announce a new, three-part webinar series on how to use data to support sustainability efforts and we need your help. The goal of this webinar series is for participants to walk away with new information as well as actionable steps and resources that will help them improve their own community work.

The topic of our first webinar is using data to support a strong volunteer and membership base. Coalitions interested in co-presenting on this webinar are those who can provide evidence of their successes and share tangible instruments, tools, action steps and lessons learned in this content area.

We are seeking coalitions who can share work in one or more of the following content areas: (1) Using data as a recruitment tool; (2) Using data to help coalition members understand and communicate their role in the coalition’s success, and/or (3) Using data as real-time benchmarks for celebration.

In order to be considered for this opportunity, coalitions must answer the following questions about each content area that they select and email their responses to evaluación@cadca.org by 11:59 p.m. EST Jan. 29:

What is the most successful practice your coalition uses that would helpful for other coalitions wishing to improve their work in using data to support a strong volunteer and membership base?

What tangible outcomes are you seeing as a result of this work?

What are the specific action steps that you would recommend to coalitions who wish to engage in this work?

Through your experience, what are some specific lessons learned that you can share with coalitions regarding this work?

Did you create and/or utilize any specific instruments and/or tools to facilitate this work that you can provide to coalitions? If so, please list and briefly describe each tool.

This webinar series is being organized by the Institute’s Evaluation and Research team who looks forward to hearing about all of the great work you have been doing. Dr. Bill Geary, Deputy Director of Evaluation and Research and former CADCA National Coalition Academy trainer said, “We are very excited by this opportunity to combine for the first time, content from our existing sustainability curriculum and our existing evaluation curriculum with coalition experience.”

Coalitions interested in participating as co-presenters in the second and third webinar of this series should keep an eye out in future Coalitions Online newsletter articles. Upcoming Coalitions Online articles will also announce the specific dates for these webinars which will take place in March, May and July.

Each 1 1/2 -hour session will cover one of the following four elements of sustainability: (1) A strong volunteer and membership base, (2) A credible process, (3) Relevance to current community concerns, and (4) the financial and other resources required to do the work.

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