CADCA and Kenvue are excited to present the:

Guide de sécurité des médicaments en vente libre


CADCA is proud to partner with Kenvue in promoting the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine Safety program, a free curriculum for teaching health literacy and medicine safety as a cornerstone of primary prevention. For many years, CADCA has worked with community-based prevention coalitions, youth leaders, and statewide representatives to train and disseminate this powerful prevention program.

We are excited to release the Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety Guide: Building Health Literacy in the Community. This publication serves to prepare and guide coalitions in primary medicine safety efforts, health promotion messaging, and program implementation, while also offering a toolkit to access authoritative sources on medicine safety initiatives.

We invite you to télécharger la ressource et passez en revue la gamme de stratégies, de processus de coalition et d'outils pratiques, et contactez-nous pour aider à apporter le programme de sécurité des médicaments en vente libre dans votre communauté !