Julho 16, 2015

Corrija seus problemas de arrecadação de fundos com mais do que fita adesiva no instituto de treinamento de meio de ano da CADCA

Whether your coalition has $1 million in the bank or is barely getting by on a “shoestring” budget, the idea of more funds coming into your coalition is an enticing one. And, whether your coalition services a rural county or the urban core, you, too, can be a fundraiser. How, you ask? Because coalition fundraising is very much about connecting the coalition’s mission with the interests of potential stakeholder organizations and people and then building lasting relationships with those stakeholders. On a shoestring budget? Greg Puckett, Executive Director, Community Connections, Inc. in West Virginia will be helping coalition leaders to find creative ways to economize and fundraise that support the framework for community change by teaching the course, “Shoestrings, Velcro and Duct Tape…Understanding How to Budget for Sustainability,” from 1:30-5 p.m. Aug. 6.

It is just one course at CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute in Indianapolis, Aug. 2-6 in Indianapolis.

“I feel the workshops at the Mid-Year clearly propel coalitions from just the ‘how-tos’, to the ‘let’s dos’. Simply put, the energy that comes from sessions at the Mid-Year move coalitions forward in new direction never thought of before,” said Greg Puckett,. “My course will hopefully guide coalitions forward with a renewed vigor or spark, as they change each of the seven behavioral change strategies within their communities.”   

Coalition staff and members are natural “sellers” to convince investors, Puckett said.

“Join us as we discover the nuts and bolts of fundraising through dynamic lecture, group activities, and role playing. This session will explore the fundamentals of fundraising with plenty of time for applying fundraising principles to your coalition including determining your coalition’s readiness for fundraising, building an integrated fundraising plan and mobilizing members to implement the plan,” he concluded.

CADCA’s Mid-Year is a unique, intensive training opportunity offering courses to expand your knowledge in prevention science and improve your skills in implementing evidence-based strategies. CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute provides in-depth, skills-building training courses that allow for concentrated instruction, group practice, and knowledge application – the kind of adult learning experience that is the hallmark of CADCA events. More than 1,700 attendees are expected for this one-of-a-kind, coalition-specific training opportunity.

Learn more about the training tracks, key speakers and other details about CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute.

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Mid-Year Lodging Deadline Extended

Don’t forget to book your hotel room now before your first choice sells out! You can read about each hotel associated with the event that still has vacancies at https://www.cadca.org/events/14th-annual-mid-year-training-institute-0/hotels.

Register today and book your hotel room. The reservation deadline has been extended to July 24º.

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