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Spotlighting AADAC PHL: International Leadership Award Winner

CADCA is proud to present the prestigious International Leadership Award to the Association of Anti-Drug Abuse Coalitions of the Philippines Inc. (AADAC PHL). This accolade celebrates AADAC’s exceptional application of CADCA’s model for building substance use prevention coalitions nationwide.

Established in 2015, AADAC Philippines emerged as the umbrella organization for developing community coalitions across the country. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Raquel Tolentino, AADAC has made remarkable strides, garnering recognition from esteemed bodies such as the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). With Dr. Tolentino’s guidance, AADAC has successfully established 42 community coalitions, uniting local governments, institutions, and community leaders in the fight against substance misuse.

AADAC’s efforts include providing technical assistance, facilitating policy formulation, and supporting local governments in their coalition-building efforts. By championing multi-sectoral participation for effective prevention outcomes, AADAC is driving meaningful change at the grassroots level.
Impactful initiatives, such as hosting annual national conferences, serve as a testament to its commitment to continuous learning and collaboration. These gatherings provide coalition leaders with opportunities for learning, networking, and updating their prevention strategies, further empowering them in their mission to create drug-free communities.

In response to receiving this honor from CADCA, Dr. Tolentino expressed her gratitude, emphasizing that the award is a testament to the collective efforts of AADAC and its partners. “We do coalition work because we believe that the CADCA model can help address the drug problems in our communities… This international recognition is of great honor, not only for me and the AADAC, but for the whole country,” says Dr. Tolentino.
Angelo San Juan, representing the training team in Angono, echoed these sentiments, “We are deeply thankful for this recognition affirming that AADAC PHL is heading in the right direction. Our adoption of the CADCA model has empowered us to make impactful contributions to our communities in the Philippines fostering positive change. This acknowledgment strengthens our resolve to continue our efforts working towards creating a safe, healthy, and drug-free communities, one coalition at a time.”

As AADAC continues its mission to create a safe, healthy, peaceful and drug-free Philippines, CADCA applauds its exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication to the field of prevention.

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