Youth Leadership Training Courses



Building partnerships with diverse stakeholders at the community level is the foundation of the coalition model. To accomplish true sustainability and long-term impact, it is imperative that we empower youth to be catalysts and sustainers of community change. CADCA’s Youth Leadership Training Courses develop the skills of youth in your community and provides them with necessary tools to help your coalition achieve community-level change. Our training empowers young people ages 13-18 years old to take youth-led civic action in their communities. Coalitions across the country are sending their youth through these exciting courses to help them work together more effectively.

Youth Leadership contains two separate courses: the Key Essentials course and the Advanced course. Both courses must be attended by youth and their adult coalition advisor to support the learning process.

The Key Essentials Course equips participants with the foundational tools needed to take the first steps in solving their communities’ problems around drugs, juuling, underage drinking, prescription drugs, and other social ills using the Strategic Prevention Framework.

Key Essentials esta ofrecida en español con espacio limitado, por favor contactar para más información sobre como registrar.

Key Essentials is also offered in Spanish and has limited seating, please contact for more information.

The Advanced Course is only open to youth who have completed the Key Essentials Course and are committed to taking their work a step further. This course offers a more in depth look at the Strategic Prevention Framework including: data collection and analysis, advocacy and policy change, and transformational leadership through experience learning.


Advanced registrants must submit products prior to attending (DUE JULY 5, 2019): Coalition Community Assessment (with data), Logic Model (with data), and Youth in Action Project. If these products are not received, you will be re-registered for the Key Essentials Course.


What you need to know before you register:

  1. There are two separate Youth Leadership Courses at Mid-Year. Only the Youth Leadership Advanced Course has eligibility requirements.
  2. Coalition Adult Advisors are required to participate with youth for all Youth Leadership Trainings. Adults may not attend a Youth Leadership course without youth.
  3. The deadline for Youth Leadership Advanced Course products is JULY 5, 2019. Email them to or fax to 703-706-0565.
  4. We must have a Parent Consent Form for every youth attending by JULY 8, 2019. Forms can be found on the registration page of the Mid-Year website.