What is an Alcohol, Marijuana, or Drug Dual Disorder? Is it Common and What to Do About It?

Monday, July 16th
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Sun Ballroom A

We will discuss 40+ years of experience doing addiction research, evaluating treatments and helping to develop addiction practice guidelines. Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) do not occur in isolation; rarely is only one drug involved. Commonly, there are co-occurring medical, neurological, and psychiatric diseases. For example, the session will discuss the co-occurrence of depression and how it is often associated with suicidal thinking, sleep, and other disturbances which can undermine addiction treatment. Further, Cannabis Use Disorders (CUDs) are associated with depression, anxiety, decision-making, social and school failures. Cocaine related deaths are rising and now number 2 on CDC's drug related death lists, behind opioids. We will review the common dual disorders, discuss whether SUD is the chicken or egg and what to do to evaluate and help the whole person.

Sue Thau will serve as moderator.

At the end of the training session, the participants will be able to: 

Understand that
1. Poly Substance Use Disorders are the norm
2. Opioid addicted patients and those who over dose have a host of substances in their bodies at time of death
3. Diagnosis of Substance Use Disorders and other issues at intake and in detox
4. Necessity to evaluate and treat the entire patient mind-body-soul

Mid-Year Training Institute


Mark Gold, M.D. Chairman,
Scientific Advisory Boards,
RiverMend Health Washington University - St. Louis