Welcome to Coalition Evaluation Services!

CADCA is thrilled to add coalition evaluation to our world-class coalition support services. Our goal is to provide coalitions with expert evaluation through a collaborative, community-focused approach. Through this partnership with CADCA’s Evaluation and Research experts, coalitions will gain a better understanding of the evaluation process and use community data to drive progress.

We have proven expertise in:

- Serving as the formal coalition evaluator
- Helping represent your coalition to stakeholders and partners
- Analyzing data and serving as your data repository
- Providing evaluation training for coalition members
- Conducting formal site visits
- Providing evaluation and research resources

Learn more about Coalition Evaluation Services by participating in the following information sessions, hosted by CADCA's Evaluation and Research experts:

1) Schedule a Call: Complete the online webform, and a team member will schedule a phone call with you.

2) Forum 2020 Technical Assistance Meetings: Schedule your one-on-one information session during CADCA's 30th Annual National Leadership Forum 2020 on Feb. 3-6 in National Harbor, MD.

3) Coalition Evaluation Services Webinar: Tune in to this live information session on Wednesday, Feb. 19, from 12-12:30 pm EST.

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Please contact our Evaluation and Research Team with questions on how your coalition can take advantage of this service offering at
1-800-54-CADCA, ext. 280 or evaluation@cadca.org.