Michael A. Braun

Board Member

Mr. Braun is a successful business leader and President of SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC.

Mr. Braun also was the Managing Partner of SGI Global, LLC, a company focused on supporting US and foreign government and private sector security and logistics projects in several areas around the globe, including in conflict and near post-conflict environments.  He was instrumental in the formative development of SGI and standing up the company in late 2008, and with helping to significantly increase its annual revenue each year.

Mr. Braun retired from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as Chief of Operations, Assistant Administrator (SES-6) in 2008 after serving 33 years in law enforcement. As Chief of Operations he had oversight responsibility for the DEA’s 227 domestic and 87 foreign offices, as well as its Aviation Division, Office of Financial Operations, Special Operations Division and Office of Diversion Control.  Mr. Braun was the architect of the DEA’s significant expansion in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2008 and for the development of the agency’s Foreign-deployed Advisory and Support Teams (FAST), as well as other programs that targeted the confluence of drugs and terrorism. Mr. Braun became widely recognized during this era as an authority on the growing drugs/terrorism nexus, and for focusing the Agency’s efforts on the Global War on Terrorism.

Mr. Braun forged strong relations with the Departments of Defense and State, and provided clear vision to Combatant, Unified and Specified Commanders on narco-terrorism, and the important role that the DEA plays in supporting the US government’s counterinsurgency and irregular warfare doctrine.  Mr. Braun was detailed to the Department of Defense (DOD) during the summer of 2003 and served as the Chief of Staff for the Interim Ministry of the Interior, Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Additionally, Mr. Braun served as the SES Director of the classified, multi-agency DEA Office of Special Intelligence while concurrently serving as the Acting Chief of Intelligence, and was named by the Attorney General as the first SES Director of the multi-agency Department of Justice Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Intelligence Fusion Center, which supports US counterterrorism and counter-narcotics operations and strategies.

Prior to his executive leadership, Mr. Braun had extensive law enforcement experience in Latin America leading specially trained and equipped teams of DEA Special Agents, host-nation law enforcement officers and US military Special Forces on counter-narcotics operations in support of US foreign policy.  He served in a number of interagency domestic assignments that included postings in the Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit and St. Louis Field Division Offices, and in multiple assignments during three tours at DEA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Mr. Braun continues to be called upon by Congress to testify on counterterrorism and other national security topics, routinely appears on national and international television and is regularly quoted by the US and international print media on matters related to international security.