Alexandra Ramos

International Programs Associate

Amaya Alexandra Ramos (Alexandra) has worked with international and vulnerable populations in a variety of capacities and settings. Her primary areas of research and applied work are in mental/public health programming for displaced populations and during complex emergencies, as well as public health capacity building and human rights generally. A lifelong visual and performing artist, she seeks to integrate the arts within these efforts to create holistic programming.

Multi-lingual, Alexandra has a broad range of experience within refugee and survivor of torture services and has worked with gender-based violence and infectious disease research groups in addition to working in international education/curriculum design. Ms. Ramos holds master’s degrees in: Social Work from the University of South Florida;  International Relations (Middle East Studies and Modern Languages emphasis) from Florida State University; and Music (ethnomusicology emphasis) also from Florida State University. Ms. Ramos holds a bachelor’s in fine arts and Film Production from the University of Central Florida.