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Sustaining Past DFC, Using DFC

Thursday, February 6, 2020
9:00 AM
10:15 AM
Chesapeake D-F


Many community coalitions are fortunate enough to receive a DFC grant.The secret is to use years three and seven, when submitting a sustainability plan, as your action plan to the future, post DFC.Capacity building, both human partnerships and financial, will be your key to success along with recognition for the work you bring to your community. This class will highlight the importance and value of connecting with partners, agencies and organizations, and making sure they know what you do and the value you bring to the community,

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1) Understand the importance of a sustainability plan as a tool.

2) Identify how to turn programming and activities into possible financial income opportunities.

3) Connect your business partners to your logo and message for financial capacity.

30th Annual National Leadership Forum & SAMHSA's 16th Prevention Day


Celeste Clark
Executive Director
Raymond Coalition For Youth
Christine Bostaph
Program Coordinator
Raymond Coalition For Youth