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SUSTAINABILITY: Navigating the Road Ahead

Tuesday, 02/05/2019
3:30 PM
4:45 PM
Chesapeake 10-12


CADY, an award-winning, 20-year prevention coalition, will share its evolution from a small grassroots organization and 10-year DFC grantee (2003-2013) to a thriving 501(c)3 nonprofit today. Workshop presenters will outline the development and implementation of proven sustainability funding strategies (EARN; ASK; SHARE; CHARGE) and demonstrate how these vital tools can advance your coalition growth and long-term sustainability. As with road maps, good sustainability plans help coalitions clarify where they are and where they want to go. Participants will leave this session energized and ready to empower community engagement and collaboration; with a sustainability plan template, tracking and planning tools; diversified funding strategies, tips for leveraging strategic partnerships, and a clear understanding of a strategic process that will help you arrive at your destination.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will understand the key concepts of coalition sustainability through a lens of strategic vision, marketing strategy, and community commitment. At the end of this session, participants will understand how to implement a diversified funding stream using proven funding strategies to reach long-term coalition sustainability.  At the end of this session, participants will understand why strategic partnerships are vital to coalition sustainability and learn strategies on how to build and nurture these key relationships using existing connections, networking, and marketing/communications

29th Annual National Leadership Forum & SAMHSA's 15th Prevention Day


Debra Naro
Executive Director
CADY, Inc. (Communities for Alcohol- and Drug-Free Youth)
Ann Stark
Administrative Assistant