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“Shhh… Let’s Not Talk About That Now”: Stigma – A Barrier to Health and Wellbeing

Tuesday, 02/05/2019
3:30 PM
4:45 PM
Chesapeake J-L


Stigma is a barrier to progress on several social issues relevant to those working to build healthy, drug-free communities. Stigma is associated with a variety of negative social and health outcomes. For example, many people in need of services do not access them because of perceived stigma. Understanding stigma and methods to reduce it are important for our efforts to grow a culture that supports health and safety for everyone. In this session, we will explore the meaning of stigma and how stigma is manifested. We will explore the question "Why do certain conditions get stigmatized and others don’t?" as well as discuss the theories and factors that help to answer this question. We will discuss ways to reduce stigma and will highlight projects where we have started to integrate our understanding of ways to reduce stigma to better serve communities.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to recognize the impact of stigma on health and safety. Participants will be able to identify how stigma is manifested and factors that contribute to stigma. Participants will learn about ways to address stigma and be able to apply specific strategies to their work.

29th Annual National Leadership Forum & SAMHSA's 15th Prevention Day


Kari Finley
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Health and Safety Culture - Montana State University