A landmark study by Boston University and Boston Medical Center researchers reveals that states with stronger alcohol policies have lower rates of youth overall drinking and binge drinking.

Strategizer 56: Creating Healthy, Tobacco-Free Environments highlights recommendations by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (TFCPS) to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.Using data analysis and conclusions from various sources, Strategizer 56 provides strategies coalitions can implement at the local level to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

Find the best way your community coalition can assist college and university officials address alcohol and drug prevention.

People Power: Mobilizing Communities for Policy Change This publication provides an overview of the steps associated with engaging in community mobilizing to implement environmental strategies with a particular emphasis on adopting alcohol, tobacco, and drug (ATD) policies at the community level.





The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention StrategiesThis publication provides an overview of the environmental strategies approach to community problem solving and includes examples of efforts where environmental strategies aimed at preventing and reducing community problems related to alcohol and other drugs were implemented.




Strategizer 55, Regulating Alcohol Outlet Density: An Action Guide, outlines available evidence-based community prevention strategies shown to decrease the consequences associated with alcohol outlet density, the concentration of bars, restaurants serving alcohol, liquor and package stores in a given geographic area.

This Strategizer offers information for you to begin the debate on raising alcohol excise tax rates at the state and local levels. It also provides responses to common smokescreens used by the alcohol industry and its supporters to block any tax hikes.

Learn the kinds of advertising that coalitions need to monitor, the audiences that are targeted by the alcohol industry, and what coalitions can do to eliminate and/or curb such advertising.