Capacity Primer: Building Membership, Structure and Leadership

This primer provides clear guidelines to help your coalition build the capacity needed to develop and carry out a comprehensive community plan to reduce substance abuse rates. It describes the components of a coherent plan related to your coalition’s strategies and priorities for capacity building.





The CADCA Community is a members-only forum designed specifically to provide unique networking opportunities, share resource and learn from another.

The Arlington Youth Health and Safety Coalition doesn’t do its work sitting down. They were recently honored with CADCA’s Chairman’s Award at our 26th annual National Leadership Forum.

Want to know how to better engage the youth in your community?

Being a youth leader is SRSLY the best honor ever for Ananth Ghosh. The high school student was honored by CADCA recently as its 2016 Outstanding Youth Leader.

The Outstanding Youth Award recognizes an outstanding young person for service to a coalition and preventing substance abuse.

Ananth, 17, accepted his award during CADCA’s 26th annual National Leadership Forum to a standing ovation. He told the crowd of coalition leaders about how he was bullied as an elementary school student and applied his insecurity into action.

This publication provides an overview of qualitative data – how it can be used as a valid and reliable data collection process, how a coalition can engage in several qualitative data collection methodologies, and how to utilize qualitative data in all phases of the coalition problem-solving process as informed by the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process.

People Power: Mobilizing Communities for Policy Change This publication provides an overview of the steps associated with engaging in community mobilizing to implement environmental strategies with a particular emphasis on adopting alcohol, tobacco, and drug (ATD) policies at the community level.





Esta Guía brindará lineamientos claros para ayudar a las coaliciones a lograr el reforzamiento institucional necesario para desarrollar e implementar un plan comunitario integral para la reducción del consumo de drogas ilícitas. Este documento describe los componentes de un plan coherente relacionado con las estrategias y prioridades para reforzar las habilidades de su coalición.




The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention StrategiesThis publication provides an overview of the environmental strategies approach to community problem solving and includes examples of efforts where environmental strategies aimed at preventing and reducing community problems related to alcohol and other drugs were implemented.