CADCA Youth Leadership Initiative  

Youth are an essential part of the coalition building process. Youth bring critical insight to what they are facing each day in their communities. CADCA’s mission is to build the capacity of community coalitions to create safe, healthy and drug-free communities, and one of the ways CADCA accomplishes its mission is through the development of youth leaders.  

CADCA-trained youth leaders accomplish great things in their communities. Youth leaders have changed local parks from risky places to clean, family-friendly environments. Youth have changed local ordinances and testified at state hearings on powdered alcohol regulation. That is why CADCA will be offering two separate tracks to meet the needs of youth leaders from around the nation.    

Key Essentials Leadership Training Track

This highly interactive and participatory course teaches an introduction to prevention and coalition work and guides youth leaders and their adult advisors through the Strategic Prevention Framework. The course is designed to encourage youth to think critically about their roles as leaders in social change. Youth participants leave the course with substance use and misuse prevention tools including a Logic Model, Community Assessment, Interventions and an Action Plan. 

Prepara a los participantes con las herramientas necesarias para dar los primeros pasos que permiten abordar los problemas relacionados con el uso indebido de sustancias en sus comunidades. Mediante la utilization del Marco de Prevención Estratégico se pretende facilitar un cambio social positivo en la comunidad, una evaluación comunitaria y un plan de acción. Si se ha registrado para la Sesion en español para el Curso De Conceptos Esenciales, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a antes del 2 de Julio, con la línea de asunto “Me he registrado en la Sesion en español para el Curso De Conceptos Esenciales" para que Gonzalo Cadima te pueda asignar a la sesión apropiada.


Have you participated in a CADCA Youth Leadership Training in the past two years? If so, please contact for more information on special training opportunities for you.


Youth Parent Consent Form

This form is required for all registered youth 18 years old or younger: