CADCA's Mid-Year Training Institute

Join Us At Our 18th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute!

The Mid-Year Training Institute provides ninety-minute sessions on Monday and three- hour, interactive training sessions Tuesday-Thursday (and one full-day session on Ethics) designed to help attendees leave with skills and resources that can help create change in their communities. These in-depth sessions provide opportunity for engaging and skills-based training from experts and peers, personalized solutions to the problems impacting your community, and a chance to learn and apply advanced concepts to facilitate positive outcomes.

Mid-Year participants who have attended past CADCA events, including the National Leadership Forum, should prepare for interactive experiential hands-on sessions. Come prepared with the questions and problems your coalition or community has been facing, and leave with new skills, new attitudes, new solutions and new ways of thinking!

The sessions at Mid-Year create an interactive learning experience that enables participants to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills
  • Access real-time feedback
  • Promote teamwork and increase collaboration skills
  • Solicit customized solutions
  • Experience meaningful interactive exercises to promote learning