Member Center Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of community coalitions to create and maintain safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally.  CADCA provides technical assistance, training, public policy advocacy, media strategies, marketing programs, and training special events.

Our Audience

CADCA has approximately 1,500 members. Membership consists of both organizational membership (local coalitions, state-level human services departments, corporations and community organization such as hospitals) and individual memberships.



Any questions concerning the technical Scope of Work or contractual terms and conditions or proposal format should be directed to:

Darrell James, IT Director, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
625 Slaters Lane, Suite 300, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 United States

Due Dates

All proposals should be e-mailed to Darrell James at by 6:00 pm Eastern Time Zone (USA) by Friday, April 28, 2017.  Any proposal received after the required time and date specified for receipt shall be considered late and non-responsive. Any late proposals will not be evaluated.

Schedule of Events



RFP Distribution to Vendors

March 27, 2017

Due date to express intent to submit a proposal

June 2, 2017

Proposal Due Date

June 16, 2017

Anticipated Decision and Selection of Vendor

July 16, 2017

Anticipated start date of project work

3rd quarter of 2017

Anticipated project duration

3-6 months

Guidelines for Proposal Preparation

Proposal Submission

Award of the contract resulting from this RFP will be based upon the most responsive vendor whose offer will be the most advantageous to CADCA regarding cost, functionality, and other factors as specified elsewhere in this RFP.

A vendors’ proposal in response to this RFP will be incorporated into the final agreement between CADCA and the selected vendor.  The submitted proposals are suggested to include each of the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scope, Approach, and Methodology
  • Project Deliverables and Timeline
  • Project Management Approach
  • Detailed and Itemized Pricing
  • Example of related work
  • Appendix: Qualifications and Past Performance
  • Appendix: References
  • Appendix: Project Team Staffing with Bios
  • Appendix: Company Overview

Below are the outlined detailed requirements for each of the sections mentioned above.

Detailed Response Requirements

Present a high-level synopsis of the Vendor’s responses to the RFP. The Executive Summary should be a brief overview of the main approach to the proposed work.

Include a short description of the approach to the Scope of Work indicated.

Include a description of deliverables and work plan to complete the requirements according to the timeline.

Include a brief description of the approach used to manage the overall project.

Include a fee breakdown of the project expenses by deliverables described in this RFP. Provide separate estimates for developing and managing an online platform on an ongoing basis and for developing and transferring an online platform for GHG Protocol to manage. No travel is expected to complete this scope of work.

Provide an example of related work, preferably an on-line course module developed for another project.

Include an overview of qualifications and descriptions of completed projects relevant to this RFP.

Provide three current references for which you have performed similar work.

Include biographies and relevant experience of key staff and management personnel. Describe the qualifications and relevant experience of the types of staff that would be assigned to this project by providing biographies for those staff members.

Provide the following for your company: Official registered name (Corporate, D.B.A., Partnership, etc.) and contact details, key contact name, title, address (if different from above address), direct telephone and fax numbers, person authorized to contractually bind the organization for any proposal against this RFP brief history, including year established and number of years operating.


CADCA's member center is the primary location for members to join, renew their memberships, register for training, access affinity programs, and other benefits. The current member center is outdated and not user-friendly. Our current member retention rate is between 65-70%. The latest member needs survey indicated that members are looking for additional resources that are easy to access. This project is intended to address these issues by redesigning the member center's style, content, and usability while integrating with CADCA's database.  The high-level goal of this project is to increase member value by creating a user-friendly member center to engage CADCA members, prospects, and partners.

Current Website

Our current website is approximately nine years old and does not serve our changing purposes well any longer.  The design does not reflect our current brand while the navigation is clunky and not intuitive.  Essentially, it lacks clear path for our members to navigate to what they want, contact us, or buy our services and products easily or quickly.
CADCA's Member Center

Individual Account

Username: zzmicahpjames@hotmail.comzz

Password: Micah2004

Primary Contact of an Organization

username: zzAngie.M.Raymond.Leduc@hitchcock.orgzz

password: Danville#1

Design and Usability
It is essential that the member center is user-friendly and creates a smooth user experience for CADCA's members, prospects, and partners.

E-commerce Details

We sell publication, merchandise, and event registrations online.  Payment types: major credit cards, PayPal, option to be invoiced/billed.

The site should work within CADCA's brand guidelines. It should also compliment the current look and feel of CADCA's current website.

Website Functionality Requirements

Our website will need:

  • The website shall accept customer orders
  • The website shall produce a receipt detailing a customers' purchase information and include name of customer, items purchased, cost of each item and total cost
  • The website shall be developed within the Drupal content management system with connectivity to the netFORUM environment or from within the netFORUM Content Management System

Website Non-Functional Requirements

Our website will need:

  • Intuitiveness, the interface stall be easy to learn and navigate; buttons, headings, and help/error messages shall be simple to understand
  • The website shall have a clean and focused design

Evaluated within this project. The list of desired content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Member profile
    • Name
    • Picture
    • Topics of interest
    • Purchase History
    • Job title
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Password
    • Communication preferences
    • Social media channels
    • Membership dues – renewal (if user is an individual member)
    • Event registration history
    • Membership status/type
  • Organization profile
    • Organization name
    • Organization roster
    • Organization address
    • Organization phone number
    • Organization website
    • Budget size
    • Areas of focus (alcohol, prescription drugs, over the counter, etc)
    • Number of community volunteers
    • Membership status/type
    • Years of membership
    • Membership dues – renewals (if user is part of organizational member)
    • Sources of funding
  • Membership dues renewal
  • Event registration - Forum, Midyear, NCA (National Coalition Academy)
  • Resource library with internal and external uploads
  • Community or Forum capabilities
  • Discussion groups
  • Topic areas
  • Online, searchable content and resources
  • Affinity programs
  • Ability to translate into different languages

Management and Analysis


CADCA staff must be able to add/delete content; edit membership types and pricing at any time; as well as be able to track usage and generate reports as outlined below.


  • Login report
  • Number of requests for password reset
  • Document downloads
  • Updating member info
  • Online community
    • How many times they posted
    • What people are searching
    • Most popular post
    • Average time in a post

Account Representative

CADCA requires an account representative and contact person to periodic review our account, advise any account features, market updates, trends, new products, etc.

False or Misleading Statements

Rejected will be the proposal if, in the opinion of CADCA, a proposal contains false or misleading statements of references that do not support a function, attribute, capability or condition as contended by the vendor.

Contract Terms and Conditions

Please supply a sample contract (if applicable) for evaluation; including all language, clauses, stipulations, and conditions.


Proposals should respond to all requirements and requests for information of this RFP to the maximum extent possible. Vendors are asked to clearly identify any limitations or exceptions to the requirements inherent in the proposal. Please have an electronic copy available with price information.

Expenses for Response

Potential Vendors are solely responsible for their expenses, if any, in preparing a response to this Request for Proposal.  Including any costs incurred during functional demonstrations or subsequent negotiations.



Indicate payment terms including any early pay discounts and extended payment options.

Tax Exempt

CADCA is 501 (C) (3) number and therefore, is exempt from State & Local sales taxes as well as Federal Sales Tax [IRC 501 (c) (3)].


Will your company require CADCA to sign any contract(s)? If so, what is the minimum length of time you’ll accept?


List all accepted methods of payment.


What preventive measures does your company utilize to prevent unauthorized individuals from making changes or accessing private information without Supervisory Approval?

Billing Method

CADCA requires paper billing. Please disclose any added costs for mailed billing as well as alternative media offered.

On-Line Statement/Project Progress

Can “interim” statements be view through a web-site log-in?