CADCA conducted a tailoring visit in Lomé, Togo in October 2016, joining forces with a local non-profit organization, ANCE-Togo, to develop anti-drug community coalitions in the capital city. Trainings and technical assistance sessions for two community groups in Agbalepegan and Kelegougan began in January 2017 and continued at regular intervals until October 2018, when the two coalitions graduated. An expansion to five additional communities took place in 2019 and it was decided that that expansion would be in the form of a Training of Leaders (TOL) Initiative. In June 2019, five new communities, Agoé-Nyivè, Djidole, Sanguera, Be and Baguida, participated in the first TOL in Togo. While these community groups are busy developing the necessary products and processes required for participation in the second phase of the training, CADCA and ANCE-Togo continue to provide all Togolese coalitions with in-person and long-distance technical assistance. 

  • Lomé
    • Agbalepedogan Community Coalition
    • Kelegougan Community Coalition
    • Agoe-Nyeve Community Coalition
    • Djidole Community Coalition
    • Sanguera Community Coalition
    • Be Community Coalition
    • Baguida Community Coalition

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