CADCA has been working on establishing anti-drug community coalitions in the Republic of Tajikistan since 2012. CADCA’s trainings in Tajikistan have led to the strengthening of capacity of local communities to address substance use and misuse and associated issues at the local level. Currently, there are 19 community coalitions that have been formed in collaboration with the national non-governmental organization (NGO) partner, Youth House. CADCA has also maintained a good working relationship with the Drug Control Agency of Tajikistan, which has been supportive of the coalition efforts in the country. During the second Forum of the Anti-Drug Coalitions of Tajikistan in March 2019, coalitions agreed to establish an Association of Anti-Drug Coalitions of Tajikistan, which is currently being formalized.

  • Somoni (Dushanbe)
  • Shohmansur(Dushanbe)
  • Sino (Dushanbe)
  • Firdawsi (Dushanbe)
  • Guliston
  • Bobojon Gafurov
  • Farkhor
  • Dusti
  • Pyanj
  • Vahdat
  • Shamiddin Shohin
  • Khorog
  • Tursunzade
  • Shahrinau
  • Hissar
  • Rudaki
  • Penjikent
  • Ayni
  • Darvaz

For questions or more information, please email international@cadca.org.