CADCA began coalition development efforts in Senegal in 2012 when it began training the Djiddah Thiaroye Kao community group in the Pekine area of Dakar. In late 2013, coalition efforts expanded to another community, HLM, and in mid-2015, to the community of Biscuiterie. In late 2016, the Dalifort community was invited to participate in CADCA trainings. In early 2017, it was decided that the network of coalitions would be expanded from three to eight and that CADCA would utilize the Training of Leaders approach to accomplish this objective. The five communities that took part in the TOL Initiative were the Dalifort community, as well as groups in Rufisque Nord, Keur Massar, Medina Gounass and  Diameguène Sicap Mbao. The Training of Leaders for the five new communities was held in January 2018 and was followed by a series of technical assistance visits to the communities, conducted by CADCA and CADCA’s local non-governmental organization (NGO)-partner, Centre Jacques CHIRAC. The communities participated in the second phase of the Training of Leaders (TOL 2) in April 2019 and received their next customized technical assistance from CADCA in October 2019. 

Association Pour La Promotion Du Centre De Sensibilisation Et D’Information Sur Les Drogues Jacques CHIRAC, or Centre Jacque CHIRAC for short, has been CADCA’s in-country NGO partner since the onset of coalition development activities in Senegal and provides in-person follow-up support to communities in between CADCA’s visits. 

  • Dakar
    • HLM/Grand Dakar 
    • Rufisque Nord  
    • Diameguène Sicap Mbao 
    • Keur Massar 
    • Medina Gounass 
    • Dalifort Foirail 

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