Indonesia became part of CADCA’s International Programs portfolio in 2016 when the communities of Pengansaan (city of Jakarta) and Putat Jaya (city of Surabaya) were trained under CADCA’s Traning of Communities curriculum. With the support of local NGO partners, Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika (GRANAT) in Jakarta and PLATO foundation in Surabaya, the coalitions have carried out interventions focused on changing local conditions related to drug use in their communities. In 2019, CADCA expanded coalition-building efforts into the new communities of Menteng, Kebon Sirih, Cikini Gondang Dia (Jakarta), and Menanggal, Pagesangan and Kebonsari (Surabaya).

  • Jakarta
    • Pengansaan
    • Menteng
    • Kebon Sirih
    • Cikini-Gondang Dia
  • Surabaya
    • Putat Jaya
    • Menanggal
    • Pagesangan
    • Kebonsari

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