Costa Rica

CADCA began training in Costa Rica in late 2013 after the U.S. Embassy in San José contacted CADCA and indicated that a local community association expressed a strong interest in addressing local drug and security issues, and had requested assistance from CADCA. This community association, ASOSECOPA (Asociación Red Distrital de Seguridad Comunitaria y Comercial de Pavas), became CADCA’s NGO partner and has been assisting CADCA with the coordination of CADCA’s events and coalition support ever since. The first community to receive CADCA training in late 2013 was Pavas. In May 2015, the Pavas coalition graduated and two other communities, Alajuelita and Desamparados (San Miguel), began receiving training and technical assistance from CADCA. In 2016, CADCA began the Training of Leaders (TOL) Initiative in Costa Rica, with the goal of forming coalitions in additional communities, namely Escazú, Moravia and Desamparados. In 2018, through a grant from the U.S. Embassy in San José, CADCA expanded its TOL Initiative to include additional communities across other districts in and around the capital city, including Alajuela, Belén, Santa Ana, Aserrí, La Unión, Cartago, Heredia and Mora. Currently there are 16 active community groups in Costa Rica. CADCA provides frequent regular technical assistance visits to these communities while CADCA’s in-country partner, ASOSECOPA, continues to provide onsite support in between visits. 

The 16 active community groups/coalitions in Costa Rica are:

  • Pavas Community Coalition in San José
  • Alajuelita Community Coalition
  • Escazú Community Coalition
  • San Vicente Community Coalition in Moravia
  • Carrizal Community Coalition in Alajuela
  • Belén Community Coalition
  • La Chispa Community Coalition in Santa Ana
  • Corazón de Jesús Community Coalition in Santa Ana
  • San Antonio Community Coalition in Desamparados
  • La Unión Community Coalition
  • Los Laureles Community Coalition in Heredia
  • Mora Community Coalition
  • Tarbaca Community Coalition in Aserrí
  • Salitrillos Community Coalition in Aserrí
  • Barrio México Community Coalition in San José
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalition of Cartago

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