Cape Verde

Cabo Verde is an island nation located off the coast of West Africa and one the countries in CADCA’s International Programs portfolio. CADCA’s work in Cabo Verde started in 2012, when the communities of Ponta D’água and Achada São Filipe, in the capital city of Praia (Santiago Iisland), received training under the Training of Communities initiative. Since then, CADCA has expanded its work to Calabaceira and Achada Frente (two additional communities on Santiago Island), and to the city of Mindelo, located on the island of Santiago to other two additional communities (Calabaceira and Achada Frente), as well as to a second island (São Vicente). Although CADCA no longer provides support to the coalitions, they receive support from the Comissão Nacional de Coordenação do Álcool and Outras Drogas (CCAD) and the Plataforma das ONGs, a non-government organization (NGO) and CADCA’s local non-governmental organization (NGO) partner.

  • Santiago Island- Praia City
    • Achada São Filipe
    • Ponta D’agua                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    • Calabaceira
    • Achada Grande Frente

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