CADCA began working with the Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS) of the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, to develop a pilot program for community coalition development in late 2010. With the support of the NAS, CADCA identified the Macrodistrito of Cotahuma as the area for coalition development in La Paz. In late 2010, NAS Bolivia and CADCA selected the organization Sinapsis Consultores as the in-country coordinator to administer the coalition initiative based largely on the fact that key personnel from this group had strong contacts and extensive work experience in the chosen community.  The impact of  CADCA trainings and ongoing support by Sinapsis Consultores resulted in the development of a functioning community coalition in Cotahuma which started to address its local substance use issues.  In 2013, CADCA along with NAS and Sinapsis Consultores began expansion effort to establish a second coalition in the area of La Paz known as Max Paredes.   In late 2013, the NAS Bolivia office was closed and CADCA’s coalition building initiative in Bolivia came to an end.  The Synapsis Consultores team continued to follow up the Cotahuma coalition which continued to work on preventing substance use long after CADCA trainings in Bolivia ceased. 

  • La Paz
    • Cotahuma

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