ID Scanner Project

10:45 AM
12:00 PM
Chesapeake 7-9


The primary strategies for the ID Scanner project were focused on providing information and enhancing skills to address the risk factors permissive cultural norm and retail accessibility. We are working towards the Change Physical Designs and Modify/Change Policy. We learned building relationships with bars/convenience store/liquor establishments/area colleges were key for implementation of the ID Scanner Project. Once Officer Horne was able to meet with the liquor establishments and explain the project with a demonstration of the Forensic Scanner. The managers were eager to sign the ID Scanner Agreement after the demonstration. The other part to the ID Scanner project was establishing a relationship with area colleges. Each college was interested in being part of the project. They address the students through their own student code conduct. We gained information from colleges, and the community about prevalence of fake ids. Prevent 170 individuals from underage drinking.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. How to implement the Id Scanner Project to deter underage drinking

2. Benefits of Id Scanner Project

3. The key to partnerships and collaboration


Sue Kahler
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Bismarck Burleigh Public Health
Caity Horne
Officer Horne
Bismarck Police Dept.