How to Frame Data for Maximum Policy Impact (Advanced)

Tuesday, July 16th
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Texas C

Coalition voices are critical in the process of promoting policy changes that will save lives and improve community outcomes regarding alcohol and other drug use. Attendees will be able to learn the inside scoop about how to effectively advocate for primary prevention. Young leaders will learn more about what to expect from meetings with policy makers and how to communicate messages important to their coalitions. The session will show youth and adult leaders how to frame specific messages to yield the biggest impact on their intended audiences. These communication skills will be invaluable for advocating at the local, state, and federal level. Attendees will walk away being able to frame an issue in a way that gains support through changing beliefs/attitudes from a problem towards a solution.

At the end of the training session, the participants will be able to: 

1. Describe and put into use the key element of messaging that policy makers need to hear
2. Incorporate coalition outcomes and experience into messaging
3. Identify difficult questions about evidence-based policies and plan effective responses to them

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18th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute


David Jernigan
Senior Policy Advisor, Professor
City Health/BU School of Public Health

Sue Thau Public Policy Consultant CADCA