GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition of Excellence Award Winners 2016

Hunterdon County Safe Communities Coalition – Coalition of the Year 2016

Founded in 2003 in Flemington, New Jersey, Hunterdon County Safe Communities Coalition is dedicated to addressing prescription drug misuse, underage drinking, tobacco use, and marijuana and other drug use among youth. In their application, Hunterdon County Safe Communities Coalition focused on the problems of underage drinking and marijuana use with root causes of easy access to both substances, lack of parental perception of harm, and lack of enforcement of current laws. Hunterdon County Safe Communities used many strategies to address these two problems including producing a documentary has been shown to thousands of community college students and hundreds of teens on probation, implementing private property ordinances, and creating an online directory of “safe homes” where parents pledge to host drug and alcohol-free parties.

Building A Safer Evansville – Coalition of Excellence for Short-Term Outcomes 2016

Founded in 2009 in Evansville, Wisconsin, Building A Safer Evansville is committed to changing cultural norms surrounding youth substance use and decreasing high risk behaviors in the community in partnership with law enforcement and the local high school’s SADD chapter. BASE’s winning application focused on the problem of underage drinking and its root causes of community norms supporting underage drinking, easy access to alcohol, and inconsistent enforcement of relevant files. BASE employed many strategies in order to address underage drinking, including but not limited to implementing a social host ordinance, translating prevention materials into Spanish, providing ID check signs to liquor-licensed establishments, and partnering with local organizations to offer alcohol-free, youth-friendly activities such as movie nights or lock-ins.

Vernon Coalition – Coalition of Excellence for Intermediate Outcomes 2016

The Vernon Coalition was founded in 2010 in Newton, New Jersey to address youth substance abuse in the community in response to a shocking series of heroin overdose deaths. The Vernon Coalition works hard to not only to change youth behavior but to alter parent and law enforcement perceptions of substance use-related traditions and “rites-of-passage”. The Vernon Coalition utilizes a variety of prevention strategies such as local TV and radio interviews, presentations for parents and college students regarding social host laws, responsible beverage service training, and discounted winter ski passes for youth who pledge to be alcohol and drug free.

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change – Coalition of Excellence for Long-Term Outcomes 2016

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change is a coalition in Janesville, Wisconsin, dedicated to addressing youth substance abuse in their community, particularly prescription drug misuse. In order to restrict access to prescription drugs and change misperceptions surrounding the safety and utility of recreational use of prescription drugs, JM4C has implemented a variety of strategies including changing school district policy to use interventions instead of expulsion as a consequence for prescription drug misuse, encouraging student advocacy and peer-led presentations on prescription drug misuse risks, and providing incentives to parents who complete a training course on addressing substance abuse and other problem behaviors in their children. JM4C and their partners in law enforcement have collected and safely disposed of 9,982 pounds of medication since 2012.