GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition of Excellence Award Winners 2007

Coalition as a Whole Award

Franklin County Communities That Care Coalition
Franklin County Communities That Care Coalition, Greenfield, MA

The Franklin County Communities That Care Coalition, Greenfield, MA, won in the “Coalition as a Whole” category, which recognizes coalitions that achieved targeted population-level outcomes through the use of comprehensive communitywide strategies. By implementing a variety of community-level strategies, such as parenting education, alcohol server training, compliance checks, a social norms marketing campaign and drug prevention curriculum in schools, the group achieved a number of reductions in alcohol and drug use among teens. For example, among 8th grade students, they reduced alcohol use by 24 percent and lowered marijuana use by 39 percent. Among 12th graders, they cut down on binge drinking by 2 percent. VIEW VIDEO


Single Substance/Substance-
Abuse Related Problem Award

Missoula Forum for Children and Youth
Missoula Forum for Children and Youth, Missoula, MT

The Missoula Forum for Children and Youth was selected in the “Single Substance or Substance-Related Problem category,” which highlights coalitions that have successfully implemented multiple strategies to address one unique drug-related issue in their community. After an assessment revealed alarmingly high levels of alcohol use among 8th graders, 10th graders and 12th graders—giving Missoula the highest underage drinking rate in the state—the coalition developed a plan to reduce the availability of alcohol, change the perception among Missoula youth that underage drinking is tolerated, change positive youth attitudes toward alcohol, and increase parental supervision. This led to fewer youth reporting alcohol use within the past 30 days, more youth perceiving underage drinking to be wrong, fewer youth reporting poor family management practices and a greater number of youth delaying onset of alcohol use. VIEW VIDEO

Intermediate Outcomes Award

Butte Youth Now Coalition
Butte Youth Now Coalition, Chico, CA

The Butte Youth Now Coalition won in the “Intermediate Outcomes Category,” which recognizes coalitions that are showing progress toward meeting long-term outcomes. The group implemented a variety of strategies to reduce binge drinking among youth, tobacco and methamphetamine use. While still in the process of implementing their long-range plan, the coalition is on the right path to meeting its goals, helping to pass several environmental strategies to reduce the availability of alcohol and change the community’s lax attitudes toward underage drinking. Among other things, the group implemented the Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign and created more learning opportunities for youth to increase their protective factors. VIEW VIDEO