GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition of Excellence Award Winners 2006

Coalition as a Whole Award

Genesee County Drug-Free Communities Coalition
Genesee County Drug-Free Communities Coalition, Batavia, NY

The Genesee County Drug-Free Communities Coalition was chosen in the “Coalition as a whole” category. The Genesee Coalition, which began in 1998, made big strides in reducing alcohol and other drug use in a predominately rural area of New York State, by implementing environmental interventions and raising awareness among students about the dangers of drug use. The coalition also helped curb underage drinking in Genesee County by working with parents to reduce alcohol availability among youth. Among their key efforts was the “SafeHomes Program,” which asked parents to sign a pledge agreeing never to serve alcohol to youth in their homes. These strategies, partnered with collaboration with law enforcement, a strong media campaign and community education have enabled the Genesee County Coalition to produce impressive outcomes.


Intermediate Outcomes Award

Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation
Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation, Park Ridge, IL

The Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation, based in Park Ridge, Ill., won in the “Intermediate Outcomes Category,” which recognizes coalitions that are showing progress toward meeting long-term outcomes. The group implemented a variety of community-level strategies to reduce alcohol use rates, increase enforcement of underage drinking ordinances and reverse the perception among parents and teens that the majority of youth drink regularly. While only a few years old, the coalition is on the right path to meeting its goals, helping to pass several environmental strategies to reduce the availability of alcohol and zero tolerance policies, launching media and social norms campaigns to change the community’s favorable attitudes toward underage drinking, and creating evidence-based prevention programs in local schools to involve youth in substance abuse prevention.



Single Substance/Substance-
Related Problem Award

Santa Barbara Fighting Back
Santa Barbara Fighting Back, Santa Barbara, CA

The California-based Santa Barbara Fighting Back was selected in the “Single Substance or Substance-Related Problem category,” which highlights coalitions that have successfully implemented multiple strategies to address one unique drug-related issue in their community. After realizing in 1998 that there were not enough treatment services available in the community, Santa Barbara Fighting Back developed a number of initiatives that expanded and dramatically improved treatment services for youth and families in the Santa Barbara area.






Single Substance/Substance-
Related Problem Award

Tri-County Northland Coalition
Tri-County Northland Coalition, Kansas City, MO

The Tri-County Northland Coalition, in Kansas, Mo., won in the “Single Substance or Substance-Related Problem category,” for their successful efforts to cut down on alcohol use among middle- and high-school students. The six-year-old coalition implemented a number of community-wide strategies that led to a drop in alcohol use rates among 8th graders, less acceptance of underage drinking among parents, decreased availability of alcohol and increased awareness about the harmful effects of underage drinking.