Youth Leadership Summit

CADCA's 28th Annual National Leadership Forum is home to the new CADCA Youth Leadership Summit!

Youth are an essential part of the coalition building process. Youth bring critical insight to what they are facing every day in their communities. CADCA's mission is to build the capacity of community coalitions and one of the ways CADCA accomplishes its mission is through the development of youth leaders.

CADCA has witnessed youth leaders accomplish great things in their communities. Youth leaders have changed local parks from risky places to go to clean family-friendly environments. Youth have changed local ordinances and testified at state hearings on powdered alcohol regulation.  That is why CADCA has designed a new Youth Leadership Summit to meet the needs of developing youth leaders. 

The Youth Leadership Summit workshops are singular interactive training session targeted to young coalition leaders who are looking to be more engaged in their coalitions. The Youth Leadership Summit brings experts from the field and other youth leaders to train youth on personal and professional prevention development skills. 

There are over 35 training sessions designed for the youth coalition leader, including topics such as:

  • Leadership: Who You Are, Not What You Do
  • Tobacco 101
  • Youth Leadership: Running and Facilitating Coalition Meetings
  • Media Messaging: Tools for Effective Communications
  • Networking: How to Approach Conversations with Confidence
  • Coaltions: Thinking and Acting Strategically
  • Fundraising: Youth Leaders Reaching Out to the Community
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Advocacy: Youth Leaders Changing Local Ordinances 
  • Public Speaking: Find Your Voice, Find Your Power
  • Prescriptions 101
  • Team Building and Ice Breakers
  • Youth Leadership: Non-Profit Finances

Youth training sessions will be conducted by CADCA's Youth Leaders, CADCA staff, coalition leaders and invited federal partners: DEA, FDA, NIDA and ONDCP. 

Youth Training Session Grid Now Available

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