It is commonplace to hear that "youth are the engineers of tomorrow". However, CADCA knows that youth are the cogs and gears that keep our communities flourishing every day. That's why we designed the National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI) to cultivate innovative young leaders across the globe with skills necessary to make a substantial change.

Youth involved in coalitions and guided by supportive adults are provided an incredible opportunity to help reduce the drug issues facing their communities. Research has shown that young people who are trained and given the tools needed to effectively implement NYLI's community problem-solving process, can directly impact underage drinking, tobacco use, medicine abuse and misuse, and marijuana use amongst their peers.

The NYLI helps build the skills of young leaders molding them into "everyday scientist" committed to solving the problems within their communities. Our model uses a team-teaching approach, where youth are taught by other young people as Youth Trainers and guided in their learning by Adult Trainers.

To accommodate all the youth present at this year's National Leadership Forum, we have three separate courses to help young people become empowered, enhanced, and evolved leaders.


NYLI Key Essentials is a "Youth-Led, Adult Guided" training experience designed to teach young coalition members and their adult advisors how to dismantle community problems as a team. It is a one-stop shop for young change agents. By training young people to be proficient in community assessment, problem analysis and comprehensive interventions, the NYLI Key Essentials Course transforms young leaders into agents of change. Recommended for first timers and those new to coalition work. *In the Key Essentials Course, an adult advisor is required to participate alongside youth during all training sessions.

NYLI Advocacy and Policy Course is a new training that was designed to better prepare you for Capitol Hill Day and future political engagement opportunities. This course teaches young people how to be seen, be heard and be valuable by learning skills necessary to advocate before local, state and federal legislatures. The main objective with this training is to build the next generation of advocates. Recommended for youth considering the NYLI Advanced Course. *In the Advocacy and Policy Course, all students must have completed the Key Essentials Course to register. An adult advisor is not required for this course, but is recommended.

Youth Summit Sessions these are singular interactive training sessions targeted to young coalition leaders who are looking to be energized and elevated. Youth who register for this track may also attend whatever Adult Training Session they desire. While customized for youth, all coalition members are encouraged to join in on the fun! Recommended for all youth who are interested in session topics. *In the Youth Summit training sessions, there are no prerequisites to attend. An adult advisor is not required for this course.

Parent Consent Forms: The consent forms acts as a permission for attendance, medical treatment, a general release of liability and photography/video waiver for all minors in attendance. Forms of all youth attending are required prior to arriving at the training event. Onsite registrants must submit a parent consent form at the time of registration. If the parent of the youth is in attendance, a signed form is still required.

Submit All Info to: Arilea Fernandez, Youth Programs Manager at nyli@cadca.org by Monday, January 16. 2017.