Preventing drug and alcohol abuse is far from simple. For more than 25 years, CADCA has demonstrated that when all sectors of a community come together to fight substance abuse, change happens. When you attack the problem at all levels – at the national, state and community level – it is possible to create safe, healthy and drug-free communities.

We know that our strategy is working. Just look at the progress we’ve made. For example, studies indicate that overall drug use has dropped dramatically among American teens over the past decade. But our work is far from over.

We need to keep the pressure on because far too many young people continue to abuse drugs and alcohol in unacceptable numbers, hurting their families, their minds and their chances for a bright future. Illegal drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine wreak havoc in many communities; the drug of choice for all teens – alcohol – is used by more than 10 million underage youth between the ages of 12 - 20; and 6.2 million people aged 12 or older abused a prescription psychotherapeutic drug in 2008.

Luckily we know that we can fight this problem. But we can’t do it alone. Just as our coalitions need the involvement of all sectors of the community at the local level, CADCA needs the support of all sectors at the national level. We need the support of businesses, government agencies, foundations and national organizations to achieve success on a wide scale. We need you.

You can donate to CADCA in three easy ways:

1.   Online

Donations accepted using a credit card

2.   Mail: Download and complete the donation form and mail to:

      CADCA Donation
      625 Slaters Lane, Suite 300
      Alexandria, VA 22314
3.   Phone: Call us at 1.800.542.2322 and have your credit card ready