Dorothy Chaney

CADCA's National Coalition Institute

Dorothy Chaney has more than twenty years of experience in community organizing, adult education, and substance abuse prevention work. She is the Proprietor of Wisconsin Community Health Alliance, an organization committed to supporting coalitions, organizations and individuals to improve the health of their communities and the environments in which they live. Chaney has a wealth of experience in community health improvement planning and community organizing. In addition to being the proprietor of the WI Community Health Alliance, Chaney currently serves as the secretary of the WI Behavioral Health Alliance and serves on the Prevention Committee of the WI State Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs (SCAODA). Dorothy served as Chairperson of the SCAODA Controlled Substances Work group which produced the report “Responding To Wisconsin’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis: A Call To Action” which was published in 2012, as well as the co-chair of the SCAODA work group that produced “Wisconsin’s Heroin Epidemic: Strategies and Solutions” which was published in August 2014. Dorothy is currently involved with the CADCA National Coalition Academy and has had the opportunity to co-facilitate MCTC cohort 8 in Iowa. In addition to being committed to supporting communities in public health efforts, Chaney is a strong youth advocate and is an elected Board of Education member in Marshfield WI, where she resides with her two daughters. Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2006, Ms. Chaney served as the State Executive Director for MADD in Minnesota. Chaney has a bachelors degree in political science and a masters degree in adult education.