Reducing substance use and misuse in our communities takes individuals from all sectors, working together as a united team. For more than 25 years, CADCA has demonstrated that when all sectors of a community come together to fight substance use and misuse, change happens. When you attack the problem at the national, state and community level, it is possible to create safe, healthy and drug-free communities.

We know that our strategy is working by looking at the progress we’ve made. Multiple studies in the past year indicate that overall drug use has dropped dramatically among American teens over the past decade. With so much progress being made, there is still more to be done and our work is far from over.

Our nation continues to face a prescription drug misuse crisis, an electronic cigarette epidemic and the ever-changing marijuana legalization landscape. The time to unite and work together toward the shared ideal of safe, healthy and drug-free communities is now.

With your support we can fight this problem together and provide education and training to our nation's youth. Just as our coalitions need the involvement of all sectors of the community at the local level, CADCA needs the support of all sectors at the national level. We need the support of businesses, government agencies, foundations and national organizations to achieve success on a wide scale. We need you to help us put an end to the drug epidemic plaguing our communities nationwide.

You can donate to CADCA in three easy ways:

1.   Online

Donations accepted using a credit card


2.   Mail: Download and complete the donation form and mail to:
c/o Mia Wallace, Sr. Manager, Business Development
500 Montgomery St.
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3.   Phone: Call us at 703-706-0560 x265 or x283 and have your credit card ready