Compassion Cures: Building HOPE by Overcoming Stigma with Substance Misuse

1:30 PM
2:45 PM
Chesapeake G-I


Created by the Be the Influence Coalition, "Compassion Cures" is a 40 minute documentary focusing on the stigma surrounding Substance Misuse Disorder, why it contributes to the increase in those struggling to seek help or overdose and what we can do as a community to treat Substance Misuse Disorder as a disease without judgement and with compassion. Featuring testimonials from two parents who lost their sons to an overdose, key information and statements from the religious sector, law enforcement, local and statewide Government, the Director of Opioid Response, health and mental health professionals, those in recovery, prevention and recovery experts, youth effected by stigma, Jacinta (featured person in recovery in the national Hulu film-Jacinta), Narcan Specialists and the original works of singer/songwriter Chelsea Berry, this film will give coalitions a vehicle to educate and offer tools to their community on reducing substance misuse by overcoming stigma.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Decrease stigma surrounding Substance Misuse Disorder by using this film to educate

2. Provide tools to coalition sectors on how to promote compassion and understanding in their market

3. Solicit and implement a post panel discussion including suggested components and mediator questions


Laura Sacks Morris
Project Director
Be the Influence Coalition
Catherine Ryder
Executive Director
Tri-County Behavioral Health