Community Change Agents: A Holistic Approach to Family, Community, and Addiction

1:30 PM
2:45 PM
Chesapeake J-L


One of the most powerful tools we have in the community’s battle against addiction is one that often sits untouched - the family. The family – more than any agency, program, or policy – has the greatest opportunity to impact the lives of those mired in a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Given the right education, families can respond in a healthier manner to help loved ones in their challenges instead of enabling them. While we often approach SUD from the silos of prevention, intervention, and treatment, we may be missing opportunities by separating each function into its own program. Join us as we talk about the holistic role of families and no cost solutions for coalitions to help their communities from the inside out.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Implement a solid strategy for involving families in healing of themselves and the addicted.

2. Provide a no-cost service to families in their communities.

3. Understand how prevention-intervention-treatment work together.


Mr. Kim Humphrey
CEO/Executive Director
Parents of Addicted Loved Ones