Coalitions and SADD Working Together on Substance Use and Mental Health

10:45 AM
12:00 PM
National Harbor 4-5


Coalitions and SADD have complimentary mission of involving and empowering youth in decision making to prevent youth substance use and promotoe well being. With the Surgeon General's call and accomplishing their missions by conducting activites to increase awareness. Panel will present strategies for coalitions and students clubs to use in any location.

Learning Objectives

Together, SADD and the Harris Project would present a session that provided attendees with clear learning outcomes: 1.Increase knowledge and understanding of the prevalence of coexisting disorders and the impact this has on our ability to address substance use in a young adult audience. 2.Overview of resources that are free, accessible, and easy to use by community coalitions who wish to address these issues in the context of CODA. 3. Insight into the partnership and pilot work done by SADD and CODA together with clear connection opportunities to work with the SADD network at the local community level.


Debra Cohen
Coalition Coordinator for the Blind
Brook Community Coalition in Rye Brook, NY
Monique Tricarico, LMHC
Student Assistance Counselor and SADD Advisor
Stephanie Marquesano
Founder & President
The Harris Project