Coalitions in Action: Let's Talk Substances!

2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Potomac D


Calling all coalition members to participate in an interactive workshop where you can contribute to the conversation and take action. What substances are your coalition and community targeting? Come share your actions of success and the goals you are setting for your coalition and community. After a brief introduction, participants will rotate tables with a series of topics in small groups. Topics may range from alcohol, tobacco, opioids, etc. Discussions will be held in multiple rounds of 8-10 minutes with the setup intended to allow for more relaxed and open conversations. Each table will be hosted by a CADCA’s Coalition Advisory Committee member or CADCA staff. This is the training session where you can make an impact with your fellow coalition leaders by sharing your substance prevention initiatives you are doing in your community. 


CADCA's Coalition Advisory Council Members