Latinx Emerging Leaders in Prevention

We are honored to announce the inaugural Latino/a Emerging Leaders Fellowship, created in collaboration between CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) and the National Hispanic/Latino Prevention Technology Transfer Center (NHL-PTTC).

This fellowship will provide leadership development and capacity building training for emerging leaders within the field of substance misuse prevention and community development. 

The Latino/a Emerging Leaders Fellowship supports bilingual and multilingual Spanish and Portuguese speaking emerging leaders and community change agents who are actively working to address substance use and misuse. The fellowship will select five inaugural community-minded Fellows for a nine-month program designed to build the capacity to navigate and thrive in the constantly shifting field of prevention. 


The Emerging Leaders Fellowship program will take a cross-disciplinary approach and will build competency in four areas: partnership and coalition building, leadership development for social change, implementation and adaptation of evidence informed strategies and systems thinking. Through this program, our Fellows will also have the opportunity to learn from and interact with national experts and community leaders from across the U.S. in the prevention and public health field.  

The program will do a deep dive into prevention science and how principles of equity and inclusion have enhanced prevention services and interventions in public health. Participants will also complete a capstone project and work toward achieving a Prevention Specialist Certification. 


Fellows will engage in a total of eight interactive virtual training sessions over a nine-month period.  The virtual and possible in-person training sessions will be comprised of:  

*In-person conference depending on public health guidelines and recommendations. 


Fellows will work with CADCA and the NHL-PTTC to choose action projects to implement with their coalitions/sponsoring organizations in their communities. Fellows will receive technical assistance from CADCA and NHL-PTTC in the design and implementation of the action projects. 



  • Emerging leaders between the ages of 20 and 30 
  • Bilingual professionals who speak English and are proficient in Spanish or Portuguese
  • Currently working or volunteering with a community coalition  
  • Pursuing a career in substance misuse prevention
  • Part of a strong, supportive coalition, organization or agency 
  • Able to meet all program requirements 


  1. Submit Web Application - Click Here to Begin
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from a coalition or organization leader
  3. Finalists will be invited for a 30-minute video or phone interview that will be conducted primarily in English and secondarily in Spanish or Portuguese
  4. Fellows will be notified of their selection

Cost of Fellowship:
There is no cost for participation in the fellowship. All travel, registration, and hotel costs for Forum and MYTI will be covered by the Emerging Leaders Fellowship.


Upon completion of the fellowship, participants will receive a certificate of completion and make a commitment to serve as Ambassadors for the future cohorts of Fellows under the Latino/a Emerging Leaders Fellowship. As Ambassadors, Fellows will give back to NHL-PTTC and CADCA by volunteering up to 25 hours. Volunteers will provide technical assistance or some other service as designated by NHL-PTTC and/or CADCA. The Fellows may be eligible (and requested) to participate in the NHL-PTTC and/or CADCA Board and Advisory Council.