Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) represents over 5,000 member coalitions who are on the front lines of preventing and reducing the use and abuse of drugs by youth across the country. For over two decades, CADCA coalitions have united communities in addressing and preventing underage alcohol use, tobacco, illicit drugs, and the misuse and abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

CADCA’s Public Policy efforts ensure that community anti-drug coalitions’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill. Drug use and abuse is a multi-dimensional problem that demands comprehensive, coordinated solutions, and CADCA’s legislative agenda reflects this.

CADCA is the nation’s leading national non-profit for the field of substance abuse prevention. For CADCA’s stances on specific substance abuse issues – such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, synthetic drugs, and prescription drug/opioid abuse – and current federal legislation in Congress related to these issues that CADCA supports, see the section titled “Policy Priorities.”

In the 115th Congress, CADCA maintains the following general principles for federal legislation, regulations, policies, and directives with the goal of making every community safe, healthy, and drug-free:

  • CADCA supports legislation that takes an evidence-based, public health approach to tackling the issues of underage drinking, tobacco, and youth drug use/abuse, treatment, and recovery. CADCA has been a long-time advocate of using evidence-based prevention strategies grounded in community engagement that has proven effective in substantially reducing youth substance use rates on a population level, and supports policies that reflect this prevention approach.
  • CADCA supports policies that protect children and young adults from the harms of illicit drugs, underage drinking, tobacco use, synthetic drugs, methamphetamine, and all other emerging drug trends. This includes, among others, tamper-resistant prescription drugs; adequate labeling designed to keep children away from harmful products; educating parents, families, and public health professionals; and strategies such as Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) to spot and prevent youth drug use.
  • CADCA recognizes that the best tool to combat the terrible economic, social, and human costs of drug abuse is to prevent it from ever starting, and actively supports legislation that uses evidence-based substance use prevention strategies. CADCA recognizes as well the leading role that coalitions play in drug prevention, a critical and highly-effective strategy for creating healthy and drug-free communities. CADCA also supports legislation that utilizes evidence-based approaches to the full continuum of drug abuse to include education, prevention, treatment and recovery, as well as research into all of these areas.
  • CADCA supports adequate funding for all federal agencies and programs that promote substance abuse prevention, treatment, recovery, and research.