CADCA is Pleased to Announce the Winners of the 2018 GOT OUTCOMES! Awards

Short-term Outcomes: Together for Resilient Youth, Durham, NC

Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2003. TRY's Policies and Procedures comply with federal and state requirements. TRY prevents substance abuse among youth and overtime adults by reducing community risk factors through advocacy, education, mobilization and action. Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) is a Drug Free Community Support Program grantee (DFC) in year 4 of the award. DFC grantee coalitions must be established community-based youth substance use prevention groups capable of effecting community- level change.

Intermediate Outcomes: Riverhead CAP, Long Island, NY

The Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe & Drug-Free Youth (RCC) was established in 2006 by Riverhead Community Awareness Program, Inc. (CAP).  Riverhead CAP is a grass-roots nonprofit organization and has been the major provider of drug and alcohol prevention services in Riverhead Central School District (RCSD) for over 30 years. CAP is unique in that they employ a staff of 8 and do not fall under the umbrella of a larger organization. Support and participation from the Riverhead community provides resources and leverage we need to create long-lasting community changes. ​

Long-term Outcomes: Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities​, Oakland County, MI

Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities, founded in 2004, is a 19+ coalition prevention partnership based in Oakland County and funded in part by Oakland Community Health Network. ACHC also represents the Oakland County chapter of Families Against Narcotics (FAN). Together, the members mobilize a diverse group of persons and organizations from all community sectors to take coordinated action in building healthier communities. Through substance abuse prevention, mental and physical wellness, and recovery support programs, the Alliance connects, strengthens, and mobilizes strategic partners to promote healthier communities.

Coalition of the Year: DART Prevention Coalition​, Ocean County, NJ

The DART Prevention Coalition focuses on preventing underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and the illegal use of marijuana and tobacco in Ocean County. DART is comprised of community leaders including law enforcement and government officials, educators, business owners, substance abuse professionals, clergy and youth.