Best Practices in Forming National Associations of Coalitions

Wednesday, July 17th
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Yellow Rose Ball Room

During this moderated session, selected panelists from different countries will reflect upon the formation of National Associations of coalitions as an effective mechanism to solidify and amplify coalition efforts in their countries. The panelists will share a brief history of coalition development in their respective countries, highlighting the steps in forming associations of coalitions, successes and challenges encountered during this process and emphasizing the benefits of creating an umbrella organization. Finally, the moderator will summarize and synthesize these experiences with the goal of identifying best practices, which are most likely lead to the development of effective associations of coalitions.

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18th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute


Eliane Prado Marcondes
Association for Anti-Drug Community Coalitions of Brazil

Dr. Raquel Tolentino
Association of Anti-Drug Abuse Coalitions of the Philippines Incorporated

Ibod Sharifi
Youth House and Association of Anti-Drug Community Coalitions of Tajikistan

Dr. Catherine Gachutha
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of Kenya

Rebecca Ramos
Alliance of Border Collaboratives

Yekaterina Boltanova
Iowa Alliance of Coalitions for Change