The Adverse Impacts of Cannabis Use on Adolescents and Young Adults: An Update on Scientific Findings

11:30 AM
12:45 PM
Potomac C


Overdoses are poorly understood and tragic and have become increasingly common over the past 50 years. Prevention works and is 100% effective in those for whom it works. It is inexpensive, safe, non-addicting and effective at saving lives. We face a complex and ever-evolving substance misuse and overdoses crisis. Treatments for substance use disorder, such as medication assisted treatment, are limited by poor adherence to treatment recommendations and relapse. This session explores the complexities of the overdose crisis as well as the treatment and prevention approaches to solving it.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Understand recent trends in cannabis use among adolescents and young adults, including misperceptions.

2. Describe the evidence regarding the relationship between adolescent and young adult cannabis use and academic performance.

3. Understand the connections between cannabis use, mental health, risk for addiction, and employment.


Dr. Amelia M. Arria
Professor and Associate Chair Department of Behavioral and Community Health
University of Maryland School of Public Health