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Addressing The Opioid Crisis in Rural Communities

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
1:45 PM
3:00 PM
Chesapeake 7-9


The Polk County Wellness Coalition is leading an effort in Polk County communities to address the opioid crisis. This workshop will provide the audience an opportunity to learn about the team’s approach to engaging with multiple stakeholders to build authentic partnerships, identify community needs and develop culturally-specific prevention strategies. The audience will have an opportunity to learn about coalition building in rural communities, as well as developing culturally appropriate and responsive practices. CADCA's 7 Strategies for Community Change and the National Safety Council's Opioid Community Action Kit will also be explored.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1) Increase knowledge about coalition building.

2) Identify ways to increase authentic partnerships.

3) Learn about two effective community change models.

30th Annual National Leadership Forum & SAMHSA's 16th Prevention Day


Sue Thompson
Polk County Public Health